Cannon G7X MkII & Fantasea Housing- The Perfect Dive Buddy 

After researching the functions,  reading reviews,  gaining feedback from pro underwater videographers I’ve stumped for the G7X, and what a blinding choice too. 

As an instructor and manager on the busy island that is Koh Tao I’ve always found myself teaching and not needing a camera, but with the move to Papua New Guinea and diving the much more exotic waters and reefs that Tufi has to offer, it was written in stone that I need to be capturing it’s beauty.  

The very first hurdle – which camera? I’d seen photos and videos from guests using Canon cameras before,  particularly the G16 so that was my starting point.  I scoured pages of reviews,  eBay to grab a bargain (hopefully with an underwater housing)  and thankfully missed out on a few last minute bids.  At the time this was all very frustrating so I started to look at the costs of a new G16, but to my surprise the model has been replaced and no longer in production.  “Holy hell” what to do now! There was only one thing to do,  ask for help from those pro’s back on Koh Tao.  

A few fb pleas later and I had a list,  the Olympus TG4, Sony Rx100 & the Canon G7X mkII.  Next I looked at what each camera could deliver,  I wanted simplicity,  high quality, deep underwater housing depths  and macro capability for the teeny tiny stuff. The Canon delivered on all levels,  especially with its 20 Mega Pixel quality.  

Next was the housing,  I’d been warned off the cannon housings straight away from all my pro buddies,  they leak far too easy and that’s the last thing I needed.  I wanted rugged guarantees that my dive buddy would be as dry as the Gobi desert for eternity!! Cue the Fantasea housing,  cheaper than Nautilus and depth rated to 60m it is designed so that the cameras internal flash can be used and a flash diffuser comes in the box. The housing itself is positively buoyant but unlike other positive housings it’s not trying to run for the surface whilst you’re taking your shots.  I find it quite balanced and very easy to use. The flash diffuser works excellently on macro so I just leave it attached on every dive now.

Anemone Shrimp 3-4mm in length

The only addition I will be making to the housing in the near future  is a tray with handles,  although I’m in no rush to spend as I’ve noticed that the videos produced have minimal shake as is.  
All in all,  an impressive set-up with positive feedback from customers too on the superb quality.  My perfect dive buddy!  

As an additional recommendation is like to put a big shout out to the providers of the housing,  Digital Diver in Cairns,  the team there are excellent at communication and have been extremely helpful throughout the whole purchase process. 

Here’s a few of my recent pics and I’ll be uploading more videos to my You Tube Channel the first of which can be seen via this link. 

Always remember to look up

Just one of many reefs on my doorstep

Taken at 33m depth and 15m away, beautiful White Hammerhead

Guard crab, 6-8mm long

All of these photos where taken in the underwater setting and for the small stuff macro setting too.  Very simple and I hope you agree,  great results.

You can find more photos on my instagram feed: @scubadivingnomad 


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