Train, train & re-train and refresh

What a great day at Tufi.  Six days into landing in Papua New Guinea and getting over the excitement of a new challenge ahead and the beauty of the land beneath my feet it’s time to focus on the job at hand.  

The resident Tufi dive team have over 30 years of diving experience between them.  4 qualified Dive Masters & 1 Rescue diver these guys know the waters of the coastal Solomon Sea like the back of their hands.  But!  Any diver will agree,  you’re only as good as the standard you’ve been taught to.  

I’m excited to have such an amazing dive team with all their local experience and that they are super eager to learn.  On that note,  it’s back to basics to refresh and in some areas retrain to an even higher standard. 

This could have been received one of two ways;  who the hell are you?  Or,  I’m all ears gimme gimme gimme.  Thankfully the lads are all in the latter camp.  They have been absorbing information like sponges and just want more.  

Needless to say,  Tufi Dive  Resort is going above and beyond the standards seen throughout the world. 

This dive team WILL be the best dive team you ever have the pleasure to dive with.  

Now that’s a strong statement to make,  but I am confident that these boys can achieve and provide to their future customers a standard that cannot be challenged. 

Let me know what you think,  come and visit us,  put the boys through the pages and if you can tell me I’m wrong I’ll buy you a post dive beer.

Every day is a learning day and always should be. 

Keen as mustard

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