How, What, Why, Where & When

How did I end up in Thailand?

Without cutting into my bio too much, after 17 years in the military the idea was to have a 6 month holiday diving around South-East Asia and then head back to the ‘Rat-Race’ to set up my own bicycle shop in Angel. Well that didn’t happen. I landed in Bangkok on Boxing Day, spent 2 fabulous weeks enjoying the festive season and then headed for the seas, ultimately I found myself on the tiny island of Koh Tao. Ask any of the friends I made here, I honestly thought the island was pretty shit and planned to be here no more than 5 dives, needless to say that I am still here and the bicycle shop never even got to conception.

Big change hey? The thing that made me change ALL of my future plans was the climate, the fact I didn’t have to wear shoes, the sun tan, the beach, hot chicks in bikinis, all night drinking, no alarm clock and of course the friends I made and enjoyed these times with. Once the novelty period was over (took quite a few months) I still did not want to leave, so I stayed, I was offered a job as a Dive Master guiding customers on dives and a little while later ended up as a Dive Instructor for the biggest SSI school in the world, Big Blue.

My Big Blue Family 2015

What am I blogging about?

Blogging has never been a part of my life until very recently when I decided to write an article to assist people being introduced to the sport of scuba diving. Just a few days after posting my article I was quite surprised to see people had actually been reading it, so I made another and another. All 3 (if I can sort the widget thing I’ll put the links to them there) are diving related and give advice to newbies of the sport; Why? because that’s what I do, I teach people how to dive.

So let’s get too it, what is “Living A World Away” all about?

Anything really, I do love a good debate on FB, especially if its a hot topic in the western world and I’m sitting out here in South-East Asia soaking up the sun. The main topic that I can foresee is my experiences as a diver, not just because I’m in Thailand but very shortly I will be moving location to one of the worlds best dive locations – Papua New Guinea!! I couldn’t be moving much further away from my old home back in London which I left in Dec 2012, I’m already over 7000 km away.

Why am I blogging & why the title of my page?

Reason #1 To keep the family updated back home, especially my son & my biggest inspiration in life my old dad, who loves to have a good read in between naps in his armchair and cried his eyes out on the station platform the day I left for Thailand (bless him).

Reason #2 Living on a tropical island I do feel very much removed from the western world, not only in the geographical sense either. As I read through topics of debate back home I cannot help but feel as though the opinion in my mind is very much removed from those that are living that life I use to be very much a part of. I view this in a positive vein, I am not actively nor directly feeling the impact of any of it, Brexit, the presidential elections, David Cameron running for the hills, and as such I have a much clearer view than I had living back in reality.

The back garden

Reason #3 To inspire people, I was brought up to believe that I have to save money, buy a car, get a mortgage, get married, have kids, work till I am 65 and then if I am lucky I might be able to enjoy life. The structure that we have in the west is WRONG!!! I entered into it for 38 years and its only now that I truly feel alive. Why force this process on anyone, the true way to enjoy life is to travel, new cultures, new experiences, freedom and yet so many people only dream of it when you can travel on a shoe string, all you need is desire and a backpack.

Reason #4 Finally, because I refuse to be the old man sat in a retirement home regretting the things I never did. I WILL be the annoying old man that says “Done that” to all those who regret not trying.

Where will I blog?

Mainly from Papua to be honest, I’ll be doing a few before I leave the land of smiles and along my journey, but I really want to show the beauty that this world contains that has not been destroyed by human interaction just yet.

When will I blog?

I will aim to produce something once per week at the moment, which may increase when  I hit Papua through sheer childish excitement. In the meantime, feel free to have a peruse at the articles I did previously (if I have successfully worked out widgets that is).

Some of my amazing residential friends

Hopefully this has given a bit of an understanding on where I am heading and a reason behind the title Living A World Away.


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